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Nagle Vertical Cooling Water Pump Rebuild – 6-1-2010

high pressure flange repair

Featured Job June 2010
Nagle Vertical Cooling Water Pump

Model: 6” TWO-R 143-UX

Customer: Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (L.O.O.P.)

In meeting the energy needs of the country, it is necessary to import large quantities of crude oil. To enable the safe unloading of the supertankers that come from all over the world bringing that crude oil, the L.O.O.P. terminal off Louisiana’s coast serves a vital role in making that happen. Recently a critical pump was received from this client that required extensive work and replacement of some major components. One of these components had an OEM delivery which was not acceptable, so IPS proceeded to reverse engineer the part. A CAD drawing was completed, materials expedited and manufacturing was completed in a couple of days (OEM needed 6 weeks to provide the part). This extensive pump overhaul was turned around in 6 days. The customer was extremely pleased with the service he received and sent the following email to L.O.O.P. maintenance management and IPS.

“The pump will be arriving at SBH today around noon to make tomorrow’s boat run. The pump was initially shipped to Industrial Parts Specialties last Tuesday arriving in the late afternoon. That is six days turnaround end-to-end including the machining of a new thrust bearing housing which was dimensioned and drawn up in CAD first in their Drafting department, all a pretty impressive feat. Thanks go to you IPS guys for the outstanding effort.”

Sr. Maintenance Engineer
Reliability Group

This type of service happens every day at IPS. Don’t hesitate to send us a challenge!

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