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CNC Machining
IPS got it's start with CNC machinery back in the late 1980s when we realized what using these machines could do for some of the parts that we were making many times a year.  We started out with some CNC lathes and then in the early 1990s we added a CNC mill to the mix.  Once we started to bring in more work in the late 1990s that required more than we could handle with what we had, we invested in some newer and larger turning and milling centers.  In early 2008 we started reinvesting heavily back into the company with new and state of the art machinery and are planning to add more in the near future to meet the demand of our customers.
Field Machining ServicesOur field machining division was started in the fall of 2012.  We are heavily involved in the energy and refining industries offering outage support, field machining and maintenance services.
Machinery RepairWe do as much volume typically in our repair shop as all the other divisions of IPS combined.  This division of IPS has been going for over 25 years and some of our millwrights and machinists in that department have been with the company that long.  We have continuously updated and improved our processes to ensure quality, efficiency and accountability in everything that we do.  The department is supported by a dedicated customer service representative that has the knowledge and experience to make things happen and provide the shop with timely materials and information to keep jobs moving around the clock.  Our repair reports are second to none and we were one of the first shops of our kind to begin providing repair reports for all of our repair jobs. 
Manual Machining
Our manual machining department was what got IPS started.  Back in the late 1970's there was a tremendous need in the local market for an alternative source for parts for a variety of machinery types.  The founders of IPS started the company to meet that need and they were very successful at providing a wide range of customers with parts that were "equal to or better than" those that were being sold by the OEM companies at a price point that was significantly less costly.  It was a win-win situation and the success of those early years gave the ownership of IPS the capital needed to expand the business into other product lines like thermal spray hard coatings and machiner repair. 
Technical Consultation If you have a problem part of a machine that continuously gives you trouble, give us a call and see if our many years of combined knowledge can help.  We have a full time machinery specialists on staff that are able to come to your site or talk with you to try and troubleshoot your issue.  There is typically no charge for consulting with us to see if we can help.  We will do everything we can to make sure the fix or upgrade is done to your satisfaction.
Thermal Spray

We are the most capable thermal spray shop in the region.  To get more capabilities than we can provide you will have to go to the Houston area.  Our staff of thermal spray techs and cylindrical grinding machinists can get your parts back into service often times much quicker and at less cost than replacement in most cases.  Give us a call the next time you think one of our thermal spray processes can get your part back up to specs.


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