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New Machining Center

VM900IPS just commissioned its newest addition to our CNC shop capabilities.  The new machine, an OKK VM900 vertical machining center (VMC) was bought to replace the aging Viper which was our large capacity CNC VMC since 1998.  The Viper was getting outdated and it was time to upgrade.  The new VMC has roughly the same dimensions as far as part capacity, but will handle more weight on the table.
The X,Y,Z envelope capabilities are 80 x 37 x 40.  The spindle is driven by a 40 horsepower motor running through a two speed geared head that will deliver a maximum of 8000 rpm at the spindle, allowing for some serious high speed machining capabilities on this machine.  Feedrates are very high for a machine of this size and max out at 630 inches per minute.  Rapid feedrates can go as high as 787 inches per minute. These are all much better than what the older Viper was capable of and should increase our productivity by a significant degree.
We have some catching up to do now that the machine is up and running and it will be running two shifts for a while trying to catch up on time lost during the installation of the machine.  Our CNC milling department now has three OKK VMCs giving us the ability to have flexibility and also the abiltiy to double down and dedicate more resources to emergency jobs.


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