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Industrial Parts Specialties, LLC

Services & Capabilities
Multi-Stage Pump Rebuilds

Multi-stage pump as receivedThe quality process for a multi-stage pump repair begins before the pump even arrives in our shop.  Our customer service and sales personnel are busy getting as much information as possible from the customer as soon as we know that a pump is coming to our shop.  Inspection documentation and procedures are being determined so that as soon as the pump hits the shop floor, the initial incoming inspection, photographing and match-marking can begin.  During disassembly, our craftsmen are working with a goal of trying to determine what caused the failure, or looking for signs of any potential problem areas that we can address during the rebuild process.


Thorough documentation of all fits and clearances are recorded in a clear and easily understood format that allow us to determine where there may be issues that need correcting.  All parts are tested for positive material identification (PMI), with our own equipment, so that any parts that need welding or replacing we will know what welding procedure or materials are needed to give a like for like repair or replacement.  This detailed documentation also gives our customers the ability to become involved in the repair of their equipment, allowing them to make decisions giving them more control over the work being done on their pump.Lower casing for inspectoin


 One of the most complex yet critical components of many multi-stage pumps is the casing, or main body of the pump.  This part has to meet exacting standards if the pump is going to perform and hold up over the long haul.  Very thorough inspections of the casing itself, for trueness and any dimensional wear, is very important as many other components have to fit with close clearances to the casing.  These components must neither be too loose or too tight as this can cause major problems with performance and reliability.  If problems are found, IPS has the welding and machining capabilities to bring everything back to either OEM specs or API clearance specs and fits.  This gives us, working with our customers the ability to be more flexible as well as cost effective on repairs of this type of pump.


Rotating assemblyParts manufacturing, which IPS built itís name on, is something else that sets us apart from the average rebuild shop and even the OEM shops.  Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to control the supply of machined parts such as shafts, sleeves, bushings, wear rings and other such components very closely in order to maximize production and efficiency on the repair job.  Our shop supervisors and planners work closely every day to ensure our repair jobs have the components they need when they are needed to eliminate delays.  On many pumps, we can even utilize our CNC manufacturing capabilities to make multiple parts such as wear rings and case rings much faster than is possible on conventional machine tools.  IPS is always looking to the future to determine what  new machinery acquisition could make us more competitive or unique in the industries we support.


Many times, high cost components like shafts can be repaired using a thermal spray coating technology.  This is one area where IPS has really led the local industry for over 25 years.  We are the leading thermal spray provider in the regional area providing HVOF, Plasma, Arc Wire and Fused type coatings to cover a broad range of thermal spray coating needs.  Many components once repaired with a thermal spray process are better than the original component.  Some of our coating processes will never wear like the original material did providing longer service intervals and greater reliability than originally built.


Balancing rotating assemblyBalancing is a critical step when dealing with multi-stage, high speed pumps and equipment.  We take this step very seriously, and our craftsmen take pride in making sure they exceed the allowed tolerances to ensure that there will be no vibration due to poorly balanced parts in any pumps we rebuild.  Our process consists of balancing individual components as well as fully dynamically balancing the complete rotating assembly prior to final assembly to ensure the pump has the greatest chance of performing up to its design specifications.


The assembly of these types of machines requires highly skilled and experienced craftsmen.  Our core group of craftsmen that work on these types of pumps have an average of over 30 years experience working on this and other types of machinery. They take pride in their abilities and embrace the responsibility to which they are entrusted.  This is a game of details and every detail must be addressed if we are going to have a successful rebuild leave our shop.  Our documentation of the details helps ensure that every one is done according to the plan and we can ship your job with confidence that it will run and perform as the engineers that designed it intended it would.


Painted and taggedThe final details on a pump rebuild involve quality inspections, painting and preparing for storage and shipping.  We have installed a first class commercial paint booth that allows our painting department to have the proper facilities and equipment to apply premium industrial epoxies as intended.  Testing of seals and casings can be done with air or hydrostatically to ensure there will be no leaks on startup.  The quality of any repair that leaves our shop is the responsibility of everyone at IPS.  We pride ourselves on our exemplary track record of successful multi-stage pump rebuilds as well as our excellent safety record.
If you have a multi-stage pump needing a rebuild or soon to need rebuilding, please consider using Industrial Parts Specialties, LLC to provide you with this service.  We are a service company and would be more than happy to sit down and talk with you at our shop with you to discuss your next rebuild opportunity.  We are sure that a tour of our facility will show you that we can and will do what we promise to.  Contact us regarding your interest in learning more about what IPS can do for you.