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Power Plant High Pressure Flange Repair - 8/1/2011 -

Featured Field Service Job August 2011
Power Plant High Pressure Flange Repair

This job was done for a Louisiana Energy Utility company on a flange on one end of a high pressure heater. Upon plant inspection it was found that the flange was not acceptable to use as is due to cracking that was evident on the face of the flange. IPS field services was called in to face off the flange to expose new metal in the hopes that it would be ok to use with a minimum amount of metal removal.

After completing in plant site orientation, our craftsmen setup a portable facing machine to machine the flange gasket face inside the bolt studs. After removing about .035 of material from the gasket face it was discovered that the flange had been welded at some time in the past and that the cracks were originating from the old weld.
After the customer determined that they could not use the flange as it was, they decided that they wanted us to remove all the old studs and machine the entire face off until we got below the old weld and there were no cracks left. We removed all the original studs and then brought in a much larger portable facing machine and machined on the face of the flange until the customers engineers were satisfied that the surface was acceptable for their purpose.

Our customer was very satisfied with the way the job went and with how the flange turned out. The old flange face is now like new again and should perform as designed for a few more decades. Repairing flanges like this in place is the only real option, and the field service crew at Industrial Parts Specialties is ready at a moments notice to help you with any emergency repair needs you might have.


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