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Recent Events at IPS - Friday, March 11, 2016

 It is my pleasure to announce the following organizational updates.

Erich Matherne is being promoted to Production Supervisor, and he will be responsible for providing leadership to the Manual Production and CNC Production Department. In his new role, Erich's major objectives will include ensuring these departments deliver 100% customer satisfaction, providing timely delivery of quality parts, eliminating mistakes, providing a safe working environment, hiring and developing top talent, and controlling costs.     

Erich joined IPS in February of 1997 as a truck driver/floor sweeper and has worked his way up to a lead man in the CNC Department. Erich is a driven employee and I am confident that he will strive in his new role as a supervisor.

Chris Jordan will continue to be the lead man under Erich in our Manual Production Department and Dustin Westmorland will be the lead man over CNC Production.   

Josh Rogers will be transitioning into a new role as our Repair Shop Planning Coordinator. Josh will work hand in hand with Paul Bennett, helping to improve the processes in place that guide how work gets through our Repair Department.

Josh joined IPS in May of 2010 as a Customer Service Representation. Josh was promoted to and has spent the last 2-1/2 years as our CNC Production Manager. Josh has a bright mind and a willingness to always be learning. This new role will allow Josh to become more familiar with a different side of our business while also benefitting the efficiency within that department.

Will Ganley, President


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